Friday, April 16, 2010

Saturday 17th April 2010

Hey Everyone,

Well this week has sucked big time!!!! i have been so busy and also doing the right thing with my food and i haven't lost a dam thing, i don't know where i have gone wrong as i have been following my steps and counting everything, very dishearten but i am going to keep pushing on!!! i owe it to myself to go that little bit further and try.

So as of today i have gone out and brought myself a box of Opti-slim shakes, i never thought it would come to this, but i will try it for a week and see if not eating does anything???

Don't worry im not not eating, i need to incorporate 2 cups of veg and 2 cups of fruit a day along with the shakes for each meal and at least 2 liters of water as well. I really don't see this hurting me as i am morbidly obese and the Opti-slim recommends that obese people do this so here i am!!

You know i read so many different things and watch so many things to do with weight loss and all that and it astounds me how many different things one can do and shouldn't do its no wonder people aren't sure whether there Arther or Mather, i was told many moons ago only to ever weigh yourself once a week yest last night on the biggest loser the professional on there said you should weigh yourself every day???? go figure. but again it is each to there own what works for you might not work for me and vice verser.

Well i will let you know if anything changes as the hours progress, i mean days...hee hee.

but as there wont be menus as such i will just post if anything good happens, so until that beam of light shines down on me and zaps some fat away have a great weekend and a safe week.

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