Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week D - Day 7 Friday 9th April 2010

Happy Friday!!

Yee Haa my last day on lite n easy YES!!!!!

Ok my results:
Chest: 2cm loss
Waist: 1cm loss
Hips: 2.5cm loss
Thigh 0cm loss
Weight 1.2kgs loss

very happy with this result.:-)

ok now for my last lite n easy menu.

Breakfast: 2 pieces of fruit loaf, milk and vanilla yoghurt.
Morning Tea: Orange
Lunch: chicken chow mein, and a fruit cup - pear
Afternoon snack: spinach and fetta muffin and a chocolate muesli bar.
Additional snacks: rice pudding and a fruit medley.
Dinner: crumbed fish and veggies.

Not happy with lite n easy anymore, i have had to juggle my food so much this week due to them not supplying all the food, i have missed out on an egg a fruit cup a muesli bar and a rotten tomato that had to be thrown im not a very happy camper and so glad i am giving it up.

But enough of the past i have some awesome news (well i think it is anyways) my engagement ring is now on my fits (again) when i first placed it on my finger it was a little snug and over time it got tighter and i had to stop wearing it due to it cutting my blood flow haha and now 2 years later i tried it on last night and wella so excited.

Well tomorrow is my low carb no carb day so i will fill you in on that Sunday on how i actually went and later i will post up what i am going to consume for my low/no carb day :-)

have an awesome weekend everyone!!


  1. Well done Shan!! Thats SO cool ... now you can flash your ring about & really show it off ;D
    One question - watcha gunna call your blog now?!?!? lol Seriously though, congrats & best of wishes for the journey ahead. xxxxx

  2. well done on the engagement ring! You will dbe fine even without Lite N Easy, you are doing so well already