Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week D - Day 3 Monday 5th April 2010

Hey everyone,

Well what a great weekend, and i hope all of you had a wonderful Easter. So first up my menu...
Breakfast: Fruit muesli with skim milk, and baked beans on a piece of soy and linseed toast.
Morning tea: fruit salad.
Lunch: Greek meatballs and a chunky potato salad and a red apple.
Afternoon tea: popcorn and 2 spicy fruit biscuits.
Additional snacks: fried rice with BBQ chicken.
Dinner: Honey soy chicken.

Ok my first bit of big news, my check in day is going to be on a Friday so i will fill you in for the 2nd April then each Friday after that i will post my results.

Chest: 2cms loss
Waist: 1cm loss
Hips: 1.5cms loss
Thigh: 5cms loss

weight loss: not sure for i did not have scales until Saturday just gone, so friday 9th April i will no if i have lost anything, but if i go by my weight from my last weigh in at the doctors i have lost...
2.5kgs loss.

more news: i am only going to do lite n easy for this week and then my sister (Caroline) and i are doing calorie together, the only reason i did lite n easy was to understand what my meals portions were meant to be and to kick start my body into detox and to start the weight loss challenge, so as of Saturday 10th April i will be on supermarket food.

My mission: to cut out temptation i have signed up for home delivery with Coles online. my first lot of grocery's for the week will arrive Friday 9th April in the morning. i then sort threw it and assemble my meals, just like been on lite n easy. i have my week menu written out and i have worked out all my calories with calorie so im all set.

Saturday my tribe and the Knights went down to the weribee river and went for a walk on the track took about an hour.
Sunday we walked to Caro's instead of taking the car.
and today Monday i did 6 minutes of steps...which nearly killed me but boy did i feel good after wards, and then Brad and i went for a walk to the supermarket.

so until tomorrow be healthy and cook don't dial :-) ♥

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