Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday 14th April 2010


Tuesday was my no/low carb went alright had a few slips but in the end once i worked them out on my calorieking web page i was still under, so even thou i didn't go over i still feel bad cause i wasn't meant to have all those carbs...but oh well. stupid me got up this morning and forgot to weigh myself only just remembered now actually..hahaha. so i will just wait till Saturday when i do my weigh in and measure my body parts :-)

Tomorrow I'm trying the biggest loser shakes for breakfast and lunch to see how i go and then for tea im making butter chicken with a bed of rice, only 207 calories per serve i was quite impressed with that!!!

if i am hungry i have made sugar free piklets as a just in case snack with jam on them. :-)

I'm loving getting back into the kitchen and making food and also been able to realize that things can be made the healthy way and don't need to be filled with empty calories and fat. its amazing how once you make something and then work it out using calorieking that one small serve wont break the bank at all...every thing in moderation is so true and im finally getting the hang of it and learning from it :-)

so what did i cook today...well the piklets, zucchini and carrot muffins, cupcakes (for the girls not me) chicken and corn soup.

i froze everything for a later date, so simple, i place the muffins in a freezer bag 1 per bag, the soup in a bag as well and frozen flat and the same with the piklets.

Anyone can do this leave a day free a week and have a cook off with your self or get a relative over or even a friend to help, its amazing what you can do and how much you get out of it, like with bread i brought burgen soy and linseed placed 2 slices in a freezer bag and froze them that way, so from one loaf of bread i got 9 servings from it and if you freeze it fresh it un thaws the same as the day you put it in the freezer :-)

my chicken and corn soup i made i got 4 servings out of it and froze them all that will now last me up too 2 months maybe 3 depending on when i want soup again. Well worth it!!

tomorrow afternoon i will let you know how the biggest loser shakes went, tasted and alj the other good stuff....and i wonder if it will make a difference in my weight loss???? Hmmmm

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