Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 6 Thursday 1st April 2010

Happy April Fools everyone!!

last nights dinner was spaghetti bol - very yummy, will be getting that one again.

Ok today's menu:
Breakfast: fruit and bran cereal with skim milk and baked beans on 1 piece of grain toast.
Morning Tea: Fruit cup - pear.
Lunch: veggie burger with sliced tomato with sweet chilli sauce on a sour dough roll (finally a hamburger) and an orange.
Afternoon Tea: Greek style Vanilla yoghurt and a fruit and nut bar.
Additional snacks: Mediterranean vegetable and meatball pasta.

Dinner tonight will be sausages with onion gravy and veggies.

I am shocked at how well i am doing, i have not had one single craving to go to the cupboards nor do i want to.

I went shopping just before to get some Easter eggs for my daughters and you know i didn't even want to buy them not because i thing i will eat them but because it makes me sick to think of that dark sickning chocolate, I'll admit i will be having one little egg on Easter Sunday but that's it, and i only got a small amount for my girls as there foods need to be cut down also, their not big girls but it wouldn't hurt them to lose a few cms. :-) and changing our diets is going to be a lot better for all of us, teaching them this now will pay off in the future and I'm hopeful i can start my generation off on a healthy food for my grandchildren and their grandchildren.

calorieking Website.....

i can now see what i am consuming and because of this i can enjoy Easter Sunday with my family, knowing what i am going to consume for the day i can work out what im aloud to eat with out stuffing up my lite n easy. I am going to try out all 4 menu's A B C & D and then by that time my body should be ready to only eat the amount i should, am am confident i am ready now but i really don't want to risk it and fall apart, so 4-6 weeks time i will be saying goodbye to lite n easy and going on my own merry way.

I'm going to put up the next couple of days menu's so i can enjoy my weekend.

Happy Easter Everyone and remember eggs in moderation :-)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Handy ideas 2

ok just found this one that looks alot better.

Day 5 - Wednesday 31st March 2010

Hello Followers,

yesterday's dinner was Meatloaf.

Today's Menu:
Breakfast: Weetbix x2 with skim milk and a ham cheese and tomato toasted soy and linseed sandwich. (i had the tomato separate as it wasn't going to all fit)
Morning Tea: Orange
Lunch: Mediterranean vegetable and meatball pasta and an apple and vanilla custard.
Afternoon tea: Greek style passion fruit yoghurt and a chocolate muesli bar (mmm finally chocolate)

I'm going to be adding some scans of my book, my menu's come in week form so you have week A,B,C and D so you can see what i am eating and how it all works a bit better, also i am adding a chart of where to measure ones self while checking cms lost, cause don't forget if you don't happen to lose any weight you could be losing those inches around your chest hips thighs or even waist.

so happy eating, and i really do think we are what we eat!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Handy ideas

Hello again, i have re found my old site from my last diet and just realized that they have all the lite n easy foods in there for me to see and check up on so i thought i would share it with you and then if you are thinking about it or even want to use the website you can see how it all works.

when i first went on here this time last year i actually lost 22kgs but again put it back on, but now im on the right track to getting my self back :-)

So like i promised here is my chart and don't forget to check out







(x) 2 serving (67g) of Lite n' Easy: Pikelets: Pikelets






You have not added any foods to breakfast.

(x) 1 serving (60g) of Lite n' Easy: Desserts: Fruit Compote






(x) 1 one slice (32g) of Lite n' Easy: Bread: Grain






(x) 1 sachet (9.6g) of Vegemite: Sandwich Spreads: Vegemite






Meal Total












(x) 1 serving (100g) of Lite n' Easy: Frozen Meals: Lunch, Thai Chicken Cakes






You have not added any foods to lunch.

(x) 1 serving (28g) of Lite n' Easy: Salad Dressings: Asian Chilli Plum






(x) 1 apple (135g) of Lite n' Easy: Fruit, packaged: Apple, Red, fresh






Meal Total












You have not added any foods to dinner.

(x) 1 meal (435g) of Lite n' Easy: Frozen Meals: Dinner, Meatloaf






Meal Total












(x) 1 serving (100g) of Lite n' Easy: Yoghurt: Greek Style, Forest Berry






You have not added any foods to snacks.

(x) 1 serving (20g) of Lite n' Easy: Popcorn: Popcorn, Lightly Salted






(x) 1 serving (75g) of Lite n' Easy: Pancakes: Apple & Sultana






(x) 1 meal (317g) of Lite n' Easy: Frozen Meals: Mini Meal, Beef Lasagne






Meal Total






Food Total






Day Total






Day 4 - Tuesday 30th March 2010

Hello, today's menu:
Breakfast: 2 pikelets with fruit compote and 1 piece of grain toast with vegemite.
Morning snack: Greek style forest berry yoghurt.
Lunch: Thai chicken cakes with asian coleslaw and chilli plum dressing and a red apple.
Afternoon tea: popcorn and an apple and sultana pancake.
Additional snacks: Beef lasagne.

Dinner last night was beef stroganoff with pasta, and after an apricot pudding.

Yesterday was a lazy day i was so sore from my workout with the girls i couldn't do anything, but today my sister Caroline got me up off my butt and we walked to the post office and back which is roughly 2kms.

I'm properly the only one but you never know someone out there may feel the same, but when i wake up in the morning i instantly no whether it is going to be a fat day or a thin
explanation: when you feel like crap and nothing looks good on you and you just want to go back to bed...there my FAT days. But when i feel happy and can take on the world or i feel light on my feet i no i will be having a THIN day. for you skeptics out there i know i cant be both but its how i feel on a particular day, and let me tell you i love my THIN days. makes everything i do more fun and worth while, just wish i had more of

Thats about all today i have washing to do so i make sure i place the basket on the ground so i have to bend for the clothes, then hang them...up and down up and down...hehehehe.

till tomorrow may your day be great!! ♥

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 3 - Monday 29th March 2010

Ok straight into today's menu then a story.

Breakfast: two eggs and bacon with a toasted multigrain muffin.
Morning tea: a red apple and my milk.
Lunch: Dijon chicken and pasta salad and a fruit salad.
Afternoon tea: vegetable frittata and a muesli cookie.
Additional snack: apricot pudding and roasted chick peas.

So my dinner yesterday was roast chicken...didn't think much of it so i don't think i will order that one again.

tonight's dinner still unsure as there are still 5 to choose

Well yesterday was interesting, Brad the three girls and myself took ourselfs off for a power walk, which was great i didnt get a sore back and my legs where only hurting a little bit, that was about 11.30am then i had stupid thoughts after lunch around 2pm and said to Rhiannon to go get her music box and a cd and meet me out side with her sisters, looked up on the internet for some warm up exercises (which i will put up on here) and went outside and did them, then once we were all warmed up we did some star jumps and running on the spot and steps, i felt fine until i got up this
sore legs sore neck and my mussels in my stomach feel it too. but over all about 15-20mins of exercise plus our 20 mins walk. and i feel pretty good.

My Motivation

I was asked today what my motivations are for now wanting to lose the weight!!

Well I have many reasons, some are personal and some are just your normal reasons, like to live longer and just to be simply healthy.

So with all my strengths I’m going to share with you why I am doing this and explain on the way how some things came to a point of no return, and how some are small things that I just brush away everyday and some that are deep scars that will stay forever or as long as I am “FAT”.

This is harder than it looks, and its not going to be an easy task to write down and share all of this with you, but I feel if I do this I will empower myself more to push along and succeed in my weight battle.

People: whether its family, friends or complete strangers most would look at me and say yep she could eat a horse!! (And it shows) But in Hines sight that isn’t true, yes I am big and yes I love my food, but it wasn’t the quantity I was consuming it was the quality, high carb foods, fatty oily foods, take away, it was all to much and the weight packed on.

So here is the start of my life just to get you in my mind.

I admit I was never a “skinny” kid, chubby from birth and pudgy as a kid and it went on, when I was 12 my Granny watched my diet very carefully and I even got down to a size 10 dress. I was rewarded with a beautiful flower dress that I loved and kept wearing until I was 14, and that’s when the weight started to pile back on, I ended up putting on 30kgs in a short time frame of 6 months, so from then until I was 19 I just kept putting it on slowly, until I feel pregnant with Rhiannon, my weight then stayed the same until I gave birth and I was actually starting to lose it, been a first time mum and all, I was running around like a mad woman, then 3 months later I find out im pregnant again this time with twins, and again the weight starting getting put back on and again didn’t stop.

So here I am today fed up with all the yoyo diets and crap that hasn’t worked, I now start lite n easy.

Now that I have basically placed your mind in a moment of my life you may now understand my next battle of explaining my motives to lose the “FAT”…….

Motivation one: the big one

(This is what pushed me to the point of doing this, mind you for the past year I have dealt with this by eating, yes I know it sounds stupid but I felt like the problem would go away if I ate, obviously it didn’t!!)

So back to my motivations: Children telling my girls that their mummy is fat!!! It may sound like something I should have brushed off but it got to me that bad that I stopped going to the school and even now if something needs to be done at school Bradly goes up for me.

Now these are just going to be random as I think of them… Been able to put socks on with out asking Brad or one of the girls to do it for me, I noticed the other day that I have no full body shots of myself, all photos are chest up shots, so that was another motivation, wanting to play sports with my girls, (under 18’s close your eyes) a better sex life in the bedroom, going to the movies and been able to sit comfortably in a seat, not having to step sideways into a shower or a door way, to walk into a shop and not having to go straight to the + sizes, people not yelling out oh look at the elephant, a certain person asking if my clothes came from tent city!!!!!! To see my feet lol, and to have a waist so I know where my boobs and stomach are!!.

Well you have just read what I am afraid to say out loud.♥♥♥

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 2 - Sunday 28th March 2010

Well i feel pretty awesome, i had a 44th and 18th birthday party last night, and i now know why people say they put on weight just from the smell :-) but i was so proud of myself even thou the food looked deli sh and smelled wonderful i was not tempted at all to have any, even thou Rhiannon kept forgetting and asking me if i would like

Last nights tea i had the sweet and sour chicken, which was really yummy and surprisingly filling.

so today's menu...
Breakfast: two slices of fruit and muesli toast with spread and a vanilla yogurt.
Morning tea: a tub of two fruits.
Lunch: Beef burrito and a salad wrap and a red apple.
Afternoon tea: Soy nuts and a citrus sultana oat biscuit.
Additional Snacks: chicken cannelloni.
Dinner: still 6 to choose from so not sure yet. (will let you know when i choose)

My additional snacks are for if i am still hungry after my day food, i did not have yesterday which was ham, tomato and cheese omelette and pikelets with strawberry jam, i just wasn't hungry. also if i feel i am starving i can also have steamed veggies but no starchy ones.

So nothing really big to post atm for today i feel great and after i finish posting this i will be going for a walk. so if nothing big happens today i will post again tomorrow.

let the sun shine on you every day!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 1 - Saturday 27th March 2010

Hello and Welcome,

Most of you that will start to read my blog and hopefully follow it will no what I am in barking on….for those who don't I have started Lite n Easy.

A sure fire way (I'm hoping to lose the weight). There's no denying it I am over weight, experts would say morbidly obese. So I have taken it upon myself with the help, love and support of my family and friends to start Lite n Easy, and a new way of life.

So today 27/3/2010 I have started my journey to a healthier and hopefully in some time to come a skinner Shannon. So don’t get me wrong I know this isn’t going to be easy,

Just because im eating better food and much less of it, the weight isn’t just going to fall off there is exercise to do and the mental side of it too, believing that I can do it!!

I know there will be times where I want to scream and hurt someone, but I need to draw from the inspiration inside and remember why it is I am doing this. So day 1...... The food: Breakfast: Vanilla crunch cereal with ½ cup of skim milk and a cheese and tomato toasted multigrain sandwich. Morning Snack: Orange Lunch: Seasoned chicken tender and chopped salad with garlic and lemon vinaigrette and a fruit salad. Afternoon snack: rice crackers with salsa dip and a raspberry and apple crumble. Additional Snack (if needed) ham, tomato and cheese omelette and pickelets with strawberry jam. Also 1.5 cups of skim milk a day, so I had milk for breakfast so I still need to have 1 cup of milk some time today, also my 6-8 glasses of water, which im mixing up with lemon juice and lime juice and of course just your plain H2O, variety is a spice of life after all. :-)

My exercise plan will come later as the food starts to take over my body I will get more energy and be able to do more, but I do plan to walk at least 3 times a week and go swimming when ever I can, so as the weeks go by im hoping I feel more like doing it and not just sit on my behind and do nothing.

So until tomorrow keep healthy and please by all means pass this along to your friends and don’t for get to check back regularly for more updates and photos and if im game my stats!!

Well its still day 1 lol. i have just had lunch and im thanking god i have afternoon tea to come, still feel hungry but not at all tempted to go to the cupboard which is a good thing :-) Tonight will be a great test, we have a 44th and 18th to attend but im determined to be good, and beeing day 1 will be the biggest test to date. lots of food around me and I'm going to resisted it all....thank god i don't drink...hahaha. Not sure on what's for dinner as i have 7 to choose from!!