Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week D - Day 4 Tuesday 6th April 2010

Hello, what a day, been everywhere and lots of walking today, so my calories are looking good.:-)

ok to today's menu.
Breakfast: 2 eggs and bacon on and tomato on a multigrain muffin.
Afternoon tea: fruit cup - peach.
Lunch: soy chicken tender with salad and hoisin dressing in a wrap and an orange.
Afternoon tea: a ricotta spinach cake and a greek forest berry yoghurt.
Additional snacks: Mediterranean omelette and a small grain roll with spread.
Dinner: crumbed chicken with veg and wedges.

My calf muscles are a bit tight at the moment but brad did some magic and wella there all good again, so tomorrow more steps!!

until then keep healthy and remember no one can make you feel anything be strong and push forward!!

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