Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday 9th May 2010

Hey Followers,

Sorry it's been so long but it has been such a huge 4 weeks, I've had some ups and downs and now i think things are finally on track.

I have lost 10kgs all up so far and that also includes a very bad week of my putting on 1.7kgs :-( like i said bad week, but now i have pinched myself and stood tall and am doing great.

Ok Well over the last couple of the weeks i have tried a few things and the best thing i found was my version of a soup diet, i had a normal breakky which was weetbix or porridge and then soup for lunch and tea, with 2 pieces of bread and butter, and that filled me it was great i lost 3.3kgs in 4 days and i was flying high, i then fell into a little bit of a slum and went back to normal food, not bad food and i wasn't over eating and i still did loss weight but not as much as i was so this week im starting back on the soup and gonna try to stick to it this time :-)

Some non diet news, My partner brad and i have decided to part ways and enter into friendship as been in a relationship just wasn't working for us, i am very happy with this decision and i am actually more determined to loss the kgs ready for my next chapter in my life of children, love, friends and family!!.

I will try to keep you all updated more often, Happy Mother's Day as well to all those Mummy's out there ♥♥♥

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