Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week D - Day 6 Thursday 8th April 2010

2 more sleeps until im on my own.....very excited to be going off lite n easy and going my own way, now that i no portion control and have learn't about my calories, i must admit i am a little disappointed with lite n easy there food is good but its not a sure fire way to lose a lot of weight which is what i thought would happen, in most diets i have tried i have lost kgs in the first week but with lite n easy i haven't even lost 5kgs, this is why im going back to last time i was on it i lost 22kgs in a few weeks. so i think my way is best, i just needed lite n easy to give me a kick up the bum and have someone show me in my own way and time about portion control and now I'm set.

This isn't going to be a walk in the park i no that but i also no from past try's i can do it, and with the help from my family especially my sister Caroline i can do this. i went out and got the new Calorie fat and carbohydrate counter book which is fantastic, great size for the handbag, also great if you get stuck somewhere and you have to eat shop food you no what you can still have...awesome!!

ok now for my 2nd last entry on lite n easy.

Breakfast: fruit and bran cereal with skim milk and corn fritters with bacon and tomato.
Morning Tea: red apple.
Lunch: hamburger with sliced tomato, beetroot relish on a sour dough roll and an orange.
Afternoon Tea: fruit and nut mix and a muesli cookie.
Additional snacks: Honey soy stir fry.
Dinner: Homestyle savoury mince with rice.

weigh in day tomorrow so stay tuned for the results.

have a lovely day and always look on the bright side of life. :-)

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