Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week D - Day 5 Wednesday 7th April 2010

Hey All,

feel fresh as a daisy today, and had all the energy in the world to clean my house from top to toe and even enough to go on a walk later this afternoon, can't wait, going down to the river again.

now to the menu:
Breakfast: 2 weetbix with skim milk and 2 pieces of mulit grain taost with honey.
morning snack: black forest pears
Lunch: Broccoli and chicken pasta bake and a red apple.
Afternoon tea: rice crackers and salsa dip and a banana and date muffin.
Additional snacks: baked vegetable pattie with chilli sauce and an apple crumble.
Dinner: Chicken with ratatouille and polenta.

Well off i go and from the words of a very wise lady on my facebook list Shannon Gray- Anyone who is offended or threatened by your growth isn't a true friend, Real friends GROW with you!!

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