Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 6 Thursday 1st April 2010

Happy April Fools everyone!!

last nights dinner was spaghetti bol - very yummy, will be getting that one again.

Ok today's menu:
Breakfast: fruit and bran cereal with skim milk and baked beans on 1 piece of grain toast.
Morning Tea: Fruit cup - pear.
Lunch: veggie burger with sliced tomato with sweet chilli sauce on a sour dough roll (finally a hamburger) and an orange.
Afternoon Tea: Greek style Vanilla yoghurt and a fruit and nut bar.
Additional snacks: Mediterranean vegetable and meatball pasta.

Dinner tonight will be sausages with onion gravy and veggies.

I am shocked at how well i am doing, i have not had one single craving to go to the cupboards nor do i want to.

I went shopping just before to get some Easter eggs for my daughters and you know i didn't even want to buy them not because i thing i will eat them but because it makes me sick to think of that dark sickning chocolate, I'll admit i will be having one little egg on Easter Sunday but that's it, and i only got a small amount for my girls as there foods need to be cut down also, their not big girls but it wouldn't hurt them to lose a few cms. :-) and changing our diets is going to be a lot better for all of us, teaching them this now will pay off in the future and I'm hopeful i can start my generation off on a healthy food for my grandchildren and their grandchildren.

calorieking Website.....

i can now see what i am consuming and because of this i can enjoy Easter Sunday with my family, knowing what i am going to consume for the day i can work out what im aloud to eat with out stuffing up my lite n easy. I am going to try out all 4 menu's A B C & D and then by that time my body should be ready to only eat the amount i should, am am confident i am ready now but i really don't want to risk it and fall apart, so 4-6 weeks time i will be saying goodbye to lite n easy and going on my own merry way.

I'm going to put up the next couple of days menu's so i can enjoy my weekend.

Happy Easter Everyone and remember eggs in moderation :-)

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