Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 3 - Monday 29th March 2010

Ok straight into today's menu then a story.

Breakfast: two eggs and bacon with a toasted multigrain muffin.
Morning tea: a red apple and my milk.
Lunch: Dijon chicken and pasta salad and a fruit salad.
Afternoon tea: vegetable frittata and a muesli cookie.
Additional snack: apricot pudding and roasted chick peas.

So my dinner yesterday was roast chicken...didn't think much of it so i don't think i will order that one again.

tonight's dinner still unsure as there are still 5 to choose

Well yesterday was interesting, Brad the three girls and myself took ourselfs off for a power walk, which was great i didnt get a sore back and my legs where only hurting a little bit, that was about 11.30am then i had stupid thoughts after lunch around 2pm and said to Rhiannon to go get her music box and a cd and meet me out side with her sisters, looked up on the internet for some warm up exercises (which i will put up on here) and went outside and did them, then once we were all warmed up we did some star jumps and running on the spot and steps, i felt fine until i got up this
sore legs sore neck and my mussels in my stomach feel it too. but over all about 15-20mins of exercise plus our 20 mins walk. and i feel pretty good.

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