Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 2 - Sunday 28th March 2010

Well i feel pretty awesome, i had a 44th and 18th birthday party last night, and i now know why people say they put on weight just from the smell :-) but i was so proud of myself even thou the food looked deli sh and smelled wonderful i was not tempted at all to have any, even thou Rhiannon kept forgetting and asking me if i would like

Last nights tea i had the sweet and sour chicken, which was really yummy and surprisingly filling.

so today's menu...
Breakfast: two slices of fruit and muesli toast with spread and a vanilla yogurt.
Morning tea: a tub of two fruits.
Lunch: Beef burrito and a salad wrap and a red apple.
Afternoon tea: Soy nuts and a citrus sultana oat biscuit.
Additional Snacks: chicken cannelloni.
Dinner: still 6 to choose from so not sure yet. (will let you know when i choose)

My additional snacks are for if i am still hungry after my day food, i did not have yesterday which was ham, tomato and cheese omelette and pikelets with strawberry jam, i just wasn't hungry. also if i feel i am starving i can also have steamed veggies but no starchy ones.

So nothing really big to post atm for today i feel great and after i finish posting this i will be going for a walk. so if nothing big happens today i will post again tomorrow.

let the sun shine on you every day!!

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