Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 1 - Saturday 27th March 2010

Hello and Welcome,

Most of you that will start to read my blog and hopefully follow it will no what I am in barking on….for those who don't I have started Lite n Easy.

A sure fire way (I'm hoping to lose the weight). There's no denying it I am over weight, experts would say morbidly obese. So I have taken it upon myself with the help, love and support of my family and friends to start Lite n Easy, and a new way of life.

So today 27/3/2010 I have started my journey to a healthier and hopefully in some time to come a skinner Shannon. So don’t get me wrong I know this isn’t going to be easy,

Just because im eating better food and much less of it, the weight isn’t just going to fall off there is exercise to do and the mental side of it too, believing that I can do it!!

I know there will be times where I want to scream and hurt someone, but I need to draw from the inspiration inside and remember why it is I am doing this. So day 1...... The food: Breakfast: Vanilla crunch cereal with ½ cup of skim milk and a cheese and tomato toasted multigrain sandwich. Morning Snack: Orange Lunch: Seasoned chicken tender and chopped salad with garlic and lemon vinaigrette and a fruit salad. Afternoon snack: rice crackers with salsa dip and a raspberry and apple crumble. Additional Snack (if needed) ham, tomato and cheese omelette and pickelets with strawberry jam. Also 1.5 cups of skim milk a day, so I had milk for breakfast so I still need to have 1 cup of milk some time today, also my 6-8 glasses of water, which im mixing up with lemon juice and lime juice and of course just your plain H2O, variety is a spice of life after all. :-)

My exercise plan will come later as the food starts to take over my body I will get more energy and be able to do more, but I do plan to walk at least 3 times a week and go swimming when ever I can, so as the weeks go by im hoping I feel more like doing it and not just sit on my behind and do nothing.

So until tomorrow keep healthy and please by all means pass this along to your friends and don’t for get to check back regularly for more updates and photos and if im game my stats!!

Well its still day 1 lol. i have just had lunch and im thanking god i have afternoon tea to come, still feel hungry but not at all tempted to go to the cupboard which is a good thing :-) Tonight will be a great test, we have a 44th and 18th to attend but im determined to be good, and beeing day 1 will be the biggest test to date. lots of food around me and I'm going to resisted it all....thank god i don't drink...hahaha. Not sure on what's for dinner as i have 7 to choose from!!


  1. That is great that you have started and are doing well so far. Good luck for the parties.

    The gym I go to has really good classes, there is yoga and things as well as the harder aerobics and boxing, and great plans- and great value. Can send you the link if you like. They can draw you up a light plan.

  2. thanks Joyce, but im going to stick with my walking and swimming but when i platto out which im sure will happen, its not going to fall off i will look into some pilaties or yoga. but thanks for caring.