Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 4 - Tuesday 30th March 2010

Hello, today's menu:
Breakfast: 2 pikelets with fruit compote and 1 piece of grain toast with vegemite.
Morning snack: Greek style forest berry yoghurt.
Lunch: Thai chicken cakes with asian coleslaw and chilli plum dressing and a red apple.
Afternoon tea: popcorn and an apple and sultana pancake.
Additional snacks: Beef lasagne.

Dinner last night was beef stroganoff with pasta, and after an apricot pudding.

Yesterday was a lazy day i was so sore from my workout with the girls i couldn't do anything, but today my sister Caroline got me up off my butt and we walked to the post office and back which is roughly 2kms.

I'm properly the only one but you never know someone out there may feel the same, but when i wake up in the morning i instantly no whether it is going to be a fat day or a thin
explanation: when you feel like crap and nothing looks good on you and you just want to go back to bed...there my FAT days. But when i feel happy and can take on the world or i feel light on my feet i no i will be having a THIN day. for you skeptics out there i know i cant be both but its how i feel on a particular day, and let me tell you i love my THIN days. makes everything i do more fun and worth while, just wish i had more of

Thats about all today i have washing to do so i make sure i place the basket on the ground so i have to bend for the clothes, then hang them...up and down up and down...hehehehe.

till tomorrow may your day be great!! ♥

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